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Conversion of dashboard from an old, Communist clone of the French Renault 12 (Dacia 1310)

[skaarj][skaarj] 04/08/2016 at 13:000 Comments

Good afternoon to everyone. Today I ate and breathe dust and small metal parts until the dash board started to look a little like the hand-drawn concepts.

This is how the original enclosure - last version code-named "CN-4" (or CN5? someone please assist me) looks like...

"CN" code comes from "new console" but people usually say it comes from "Ceausescu Nicolae" (our last communist president).

I recovered it from some car recycling facility and I had to wash that for an entire day with hot water and all sorts of detergents to remove the ugly cigarette smell. It was the best enclosure I could find, with no cracks and no faded colors.

It looks much better than the older model.

Green metal box enclosure for the color CRT, oscilloscope CRTs, Raspberry-PI and Arduinos (not sure yet how many of them) should fit right... there:

After around two hours of guessing - because the calculated measurements turned different than the desired results, I managed to fill the room with a lot of trash.

Entire enclosure and detailed view drawing finally turned into.....

And it is beginning to look like the design:

All the room is now dirty, full of dust, pieces of foam and metal everywhere and there is a horrible burned chemical smell. Outside it's raining so I had to perform all the "surgery" inside the house. I'm working under cover, remember? And I live inside one of the many existing "Comrade Stalin's Inventions" (block of small tight flats) - not easy to hack things due to small space, angry disturbed neighbors, the old hag in the flat above me is listening to every move I make. My lovely wife will turn from a silent kitty into an angry tiger if she finds I turned the house into something worse than a piggery. I have 60 minutes to make everything shiny again, or else - tonight I will sleep outside in the motorcycle sidecar.Still waiting for the PWM controllers to start assembling everything, draw the schematics, write the code and get it running. Long time for a package to come from US to the distributor.

From US to our customs it comes in around one week. It takes three more weeks to arrive to the distributor, even if they both are located in the same city.



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