Artificial Neural Network-based Mechanical Faults Diagnosis (III) - Vibration detection test

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Conversion of dashboard from an old, Communist clone of the French Renault 12 (Dacia 1310)

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Greetings, fellow hackers.

Big news: the hardware ANN speech recognition chip was fried during one of the many storms sweeping my area. No more chances to get another one in time for the round finish. Previous work with denied access to normal equipment lead to reviving a piece of junk to perform exhaust measurements with strange results, including magic smoke. ANN is now fried. This means I'm already disqualified from the Citizen Scientist round, no need to wait for the results.

This chip can be found at Images Scientific Instruments in the US. It's expansive and customs taxes to bring it to Europe makes it unaffordable for the moment. Also, even if it arrives here the next day, the customs will keep the package for another one to two weeks due to bureaucracy. No chance to get experimental results in time for round finish.

It worked the first time and the experimental results were already presented here as a scientific academic paper. It should work in this experiment without any problem. We'll see. My [WWK] (without wife's knowledge) funds are depleted, no chance to get another one. Under current conditions, not this year for sure. But I don't worry because nobody cares about that anyway.

This system can be successfully used to acquire data for a certain type of automobile to identify bad mechanical components by deliberately inserting malfunctioning parts in the wheel axles and also engine block (to get the desired training data) and learn from these situations to detect similar conditions. It can be used in automotive services to easily identify problems - or at least have a clue where the problem may be located. It can also be used by manufacturers who wish to study more about the behavior of their products. Or to understand the purring of your cat, the barking of your dogs, or whatever vibration-pattern-recognition idea you have in mind.

I only have the video in the bottom of the page - live vibration monitoring with baudline on the laptop screen.

Later in the video when the car is moving, you will see the ANN system boards. There are three leds showing activity:

- blue led and red led which alternate - located on the input switching board. When blue led is on, ANN chip input is connected to ADXL accelerometer. When red led is on, ANN chip input is connected to GND;

- blue led in the right side, near HM2007 ANN speech recognition chip: blinking confirmation light showing the ANN detected and processed the vibrations.

Numeric display shows some signs of instability - there's some bad soldered connection somewhere under the mainboard.

Thank you @ThunderSqueak for going through your electronics cache to find a spare HM2007.

VIdeo embedded below.



kernel panic: improbability coefficient below zero