Project status: scrapped

A project log for Retro-futuristic automobile control panel

Conversion of dashboard from an old, Communist clone of the French Renault 12 (Dacia 1310)

[skaarj][skaarj] 11/03/2016 at 19:071 Comment

The project has fulfilled its purposes but it did not caught the desired attention.

The automobile has a respectable age and it is a hard work to keep it running according to the security standards of the day.

In conclusion, probably at the beginning of the next year when the insurance expires, the whole system - automobile + accessories - will go straight to the scrap yard for material recycling. At least I will be able to recover a part of the investment spent so far to prove two very uninteresting subjects which were solved in my under-financed project:

1. Pollution emissions can be reduced using a simple approach, adaptable to most of the ignition and diesel engines;

2. Mechanical faults in automobiles can be prevented by means of artificial intelligence approach.

I will be back with pictures from the scrapping/crushing/recycling process - if I will not forget the camera inside the car.


eletrax wrote 07/28/2017 at 07:45 point

Honestly, this would be an extremely unfair ending to a fascinating, one-of-a-kind journey. I will hope that you might change your mind!

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