A family left behind their trash on the beach. Robot helps clean it up.

A project log for Robot Missions

Makers and Environmentalists collecting shoreline debris using a robot platform

Erin RobotGrrlErin RobotGrrl 08/11/2016 at 01:430 Comments

Just after finishing this Field Test, we noticed a family left behind their trash on the beach. Immediately seagulls flocked towards it and began ingesting it.

It is such a sad sight to see this happen.

We need to preserve our natural spaces. In addition to large debris, there's smaller debris left on our shorelines that has to be cleaned up.

Here we are operating the robot to drive towards the debris, lower the arm, tilt the end-effector (scooper), in order to collect the plastic bottle cap. (video)

It is our vision to improve the environment using this robot platform. This is the first step along that journey - and in the process, we are raising awareness to properly recycle your litter and leave a smaller footprint.