BLE data logger with ADC, DAC, accelerometer and Sharp Memory LCD. Can also be used as wrist watch.

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Our son was two weeks late entering this world, so I spent some time designing a data logger around nRF51422. It will never be put in production. There are now better RF SoCs around, but I might reuse some other parts of the design.

Schematic and video:
  • 1 × nRF51422 ANT and ANT/Bluetooth Smart multiprotocol SoC
  • 1 × BAL-NRF01D3 Non-IC RF, IF, RFID, ZigBee Components / Transformers
  • 3 × TPS72730DSET Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDOs
  • 1 × FT234XD-R Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / USB Microcontrollers
  • 1 × DAC7562SDSCR Data Converters / Digital to Analog Converters (DACs)

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