Home Automation using Intel RealSense

Home Automation in new manner

What's the Story behind it?

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit

Most important thing over here for me would be recognizing the face of a person and then on only my home automation will start

It's in the box

Integrating Intel Real Sense technology with Azure and Rasberry PI 2 to create a complete solution.

What is Intel RealSense Technology?

As per Wikipedia Intel RealSense is a platform for implementing gesture based Human Interaction techniques .It consists of series of consumer grade 3D Camera together with easy machine perception library

Where does Azure fit in the project

Machine Learning

Rasberry Pi 2

It will be used for connections between the PC and other IOT devices to act as a Bridge for all connected IOT devices at home

The architecture



How it will work

i)The entry interface

(Intel RealSense Camera + Intel NUC )Windows 10 OS= Interface

As the Support for Intel RealSense and Windows 10 has arrived we will be using it as an Interface

We will be using Face Recognition for every individual who enters the rooms as a standpoint with Unique ID being their face to register

The Intel NUC will have the Windows 10 OS installed

The user will be registered in the gate while entering the house .It will store the information in the NUC and then process it to Azure cloud. Through Machine learning the data will be trained for each individual in family and according to their needs the data will be transferred to Rasberry pi 2 containing the Windows IOT Core and then send commands to the sensors attached in the home environment. The whole process will work according to users emotions and driven by their activities.

For Streaming large amount of data I will use Stream Analytics