Practical EHD Thruster Design Pattern

An EHD Thruster as a modular flexible surface you can add to your own vehicle's airframe.

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While the classic "Ionic" Thruster or "Lifter" is a mainstay of high voltage lab demonstrations, little progress has been made in making small, mobile, practical electrohydrodynamic thrusters that can be applied to real vehicles.

I believe there are two reasons for this:

1. People are trying to make EHD thrusters more like "engines", single high thrust points on airframes, when the math suggests they work much better as large surfaces (thrust per area scales better) which necessitates airframe designs change as well, complicating experimentation.

2. High voltage requirements mean compact on-board power supplies are difficult to construct for experimenters, and bench-top experiments limited and dangerous.

My proposal is to solve these problems by reducing both. This project is to create a "thruster" which is really many arrays of thrusters cells on a flexible backing, reducing voltage supply requirements and simplifying application

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