USB Analog Panel Meters w/ Arduino

Utilizing a great fork of Open Hardware Monitor that has extensive sensor options w/ serial output.

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Show PC Stats Steam Punk Style. In my case CPU & MEM Usage & CPU Temperature
And only with one program, that has a wide selection of sensor data.

At my linked github repository you will find a windows build of the program you need to send the data to arduino (and the arduino code) if you want to change what is sent to your meters you need to look at Changes.txt, change what you need and recompile.

Inspired by:
  • 1 × Arduino (Nano in my case)
  • 1 × Analog Panel Meters
  • 1 × Something to mount them in.

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Aaron wrote 04/30/2017 at 17:53 point

Hello.  I realize this project is quite old, but I'd love to implement it into a PC casemod I'm working on.  I'm a complete amateur (script kiddie) when it comes to coding.  It appears that the second download link (OHM Fork) is NLA, but I didn't know if that was necessary or is included in the first download.  Also, I can probably discern the correct pin-out from the pictures but was wondering if you could clarify the correct outputs for me.  Thanks.

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greenmoonart wrote 10/13/2017 at 14:49 point

PWM pins as defined in code: 

int METERS_PIN[] = {9, 6, 3}; //meter arduino pins//pwm pins

in order they are for: CPU, Mem, Temp

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