• Parent Node Update

    mikeneiderhauser05/09/2014 at 11:39 0 comments

    After many hours of writing code and debugging the control logic parent node insertion (all cases) seems to validate.  I began testing parent node removal however the addresses in the surrounding nodes are not being updated (properly).  I will be taking a closer look into this issue this weekend.  Once the delete functionality is complete I can re-write the update function to allow changing the service name.  I am hoping to have the parent node functionality verified this weekend.  From there it should be easy to port to the child node functions.

    UPDATE (for the update):  The parent node functionality has been verified (after writing over ~2500 lines). A few aspects of it that need rework are when to scan for the next free node initially (moving out of handle init to first occurrence of 'creating' which actually needs the nextFreeNode).  This should be a quick update.  The moving on to porting the parent node functionality to child node functionality.  This will require a bit more than just a port, but it will come down to time to implement / port vs efficiency of code.  I am trying to get this done as fast as possible so I can upload it to the main repo for all to use.

    The next update should be for child nodes.