Field Test: La Brea Tar Pits - February 3rd, 2018

A project log for Perceptoscope

A public viewing device for mixed reality experiences in the form factor of coin-operated binoculars.

bensaxbensax 02/28/2018 at 08:040 Comments

I've been working towards this one for a bit now. 

We set it up a picnic for the afternoon under a shady tree. The experience I had designed was rudimentary, but felt like a simple expression of the space. A mash-up of photogrammetry scans of mammoths, sabertooth, and bison fossils stood in front of you. Looking behind were historical panoramas of the Tar Pits in its past.

One of the most popular and necessary features was the electric shutter, allowing you to dim in or out the outside world. It's essentially a fader between AR and VR experiences.

Overall it was a successful voyage into an everyday public space and I'm excited to be exploring the possibilities of this place in particular as the year progresses.