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A project log for Perceptoscope

A public viewing device for mixed reality experiences in the form factor of coin-operated binoculars.

bensaxbensax 09/02/2016 at 21:021 Comment

This week was mostly staying head down in production mode. Dan and I finally got through producing all the yaw bearing blocks for these next 5 scopes, and learned a lot about the Tormach along the way.

The most important thing we learned was that you'd better make sure to secure your wiring when you're assembling a heavy duty milling machine. We kept having emergency stops in the middle of operations or when the shroud around the pulleys were closed. It was bizarre behavior but Dan was able to diagnose it to a loose wire along the mains relay. It was likely never secure, and vibrating loose the entire time we'd been working. You can see the burn marks from the arcing.

With the blocks completed, I've been focused on taking inventory of my optics and starting to piece together a supply chain for some of the harder to find components, like LCD shutter glass.

Since there isn't too much exciting to report this week, I figured I'd take a moment to look back on a fun event I did with the last Perceptoscope prototype. CRASH Space held its first ever art show in April, and it proved to be the perfect opportunity to fine tune the Scope and do something fun with it.

In honor of the movie (and show theme) Hackers, I recreated the Gibson that you could fly through on the Scope. Little Nyan Cats would flock around the space, and I cribbed a bunch of other visuals from the movie itself.

You can see a recap of the whole show below:


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Blocks look good

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