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Cut out boxes and other stuff with a laser cutter

florian-festiFlorian Festi 07/11/2019 at 23:380 Comments

Despite things being quiet here on Hackaday upstream development made quite some progress. We got a set of slat wall panels for our wood work shop. So I created a whole set of tool holders that can be hooked in a slat wall. Good pictures are still missing but the new "Slatwall" section is already in the on-line generator.

Thanks to Stefan the post processing step is now parsing and re-writing the SVG properly. This allowed to add the parameters / URL  as a comment in the SVG file and move the drawing to the origin. It also opens up a new set of possibilities for further post processing.

Stumbling on DeWalt Drill Battery esk8 Electric Skateboard motivated me to finally add an adaptor for Makita Batteries. While it needs a bit more work to offer it as a useful building block I already created a mobile bench power supply that can run from either an 18V Makita battery or an Lenovo power supply using the popular DSP5005 module. The MaktiaPowerSupply  generator can already be found in the "Misc" section. To be honest it is basically little more than a simple box and the interesting parts are all vitamins. Nevertheless the result is quite handy.

Overall I hope things will slow down a little at some point so I can write dedicated log entries on all the new pieces and show some pictures of the results. In the mean time you can have fun with the brand new FlexBox5.