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florian-festiFlorian Festi 04/06/2020 at 10:060 Comments is using the Cairo graphics library to generate SVG and PostScript (which is then converted to more formats with pstoedit). This has always been a pain. There is little control over the actual output. Getting the library to run on Windows is a real pain and creates a continuous stream of tickets, questions and complaints.

So there has always been the thought of replacing Cairo with something else. But thoka finally put in the work to put together a native Python backend. After me not finding the time to take care of the PR for much too long it is now ready to be tested. Please check out

Beside not needing Cairo it has the following improvements:

Other changes

Please test with you tool chain and report issue back. Either here as comments or in the GitHub PR or a new ticket.

If you want to test locally there is a nocairo branch in the main repository.

Thank you!


Turns out I had to redo the text "rendering". The text was never that well thought out as is not a word processor. I now do know much more about PostScript and it's font system than I ever wanted...

To give the code more exposure I now moved the main instance ( to the nocairo branch. The Cairo back end is still available at . But I expect to call the new back end final and ditch Cairo completely soon - if there are no major issues popping up.