Rover 5 - Particle Photon - AVR - Scala - Processing

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An experiment around the Rover 5 chassis.
This project is putting together things I've learned over the time.
It is the occasion to build something you can touch, something that moves.

My first intention is to build a robot that can explore it's environment, I may try to make it fully autonomous in the future, but I'll start with a laptop based remote controller.

This piece of software has to control everything in the robot in the first place, then, as features are starting to become satisfying, I plan to move them downwards to the robot, first in the photon, and for some of them in dedicated chips.

As an ultimate goal, you should be able to click on a map to tell the robot where it has to go, the photon receives this command and translates it into movements, then sends each of them to a 328 which computes appropriates PWMs and sends them to the motor driver.

Rover 5 Introduction.pdf

Rover 5 Manual

Adobe Portable Document Format - 609.62 kB - 04/07/2016 at 18:01


4 Channel instruction manual.pdf

Dagu 4 channels driver Manual

Adobe Portable Document Format - 216.34 kB - 04/07/2016 at 18:01


Adobe Portable Document Format - 183.47 kB - 04/07/2016 at 18:10


  • 1 × Rover 5 Tracked robot chassis, 4 motors, 4 encoders
  • 1 × Dagu 4 channels motor driver ( Inputs: PWM, direction. Outputs: Current, encoder. ) *4
  • 1 × Particle Photon

  • Motors !

    fbrktr04/17/2016 at 08:43 0 comments

    Today was a great day, just a simple motor test but I'm very happy, all 4 channels are working fine and it's nice to have a laptop making something move.

    Used nScope to generate pwm and to check the encoders and the current sense output.

    Each channel will need :
    • 1 interrupt pin (mixed encoders)
    • 1 analog input pin (motor current)
    • 1 pwm out pin (motor speed)
    • 1 output pin (direction)

    That's 16 pins for the motor driver only, and I have other sensors (distance, compass...) and motors (pan/tilt,...) to connect. So the motor driver need it's own µcontroller with a serial interface connected to the Photon, using only two pins.

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  • Processing UI bootstrap

    fbrktr04/04/2016 at 01:22 0 comments

    Ricky remote now has an UI, it just displays the heartbeat and a basic log yet.

    Presses and releases of up / left / down / right arrows are sent to the photon through the UDP channel, they will be interpreted later as move commands.

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  • Basic communications

    fbrktr04/02/2016 at 18:33 0 comments

    Photon <-> UDP <-> Akka

    To make something easier to to start with, this robot will be remote controlled.

    Instead of using particle cloud pub/sub feature I'll use a direct Udp link between the photon and the remote controller. It should be faster, and won't suffer the one publish/second limitation.

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