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Rover 5 - Particle Photon - AVR - Scala - Processing

fbrktrfbrktr 04/04/2016 at 01:220 Comments

Ricky remote now has an UI, it just displays the heartbeat and a basic log yet.

Presses and releases of up / left / down / right arrows are sent to the photon through the UDP channel, they will be interpreted later as move commands.

It would be nice to display the latency too, code is messy but more insights on the hardware part should help cleaning.

Integrating processing is straightforward, just add

libraryDependencies += "org.processing" % "core" % "3.0.1"

to your build.sbt.

Then you just have to create a class like

class RickyUI extends PApplet{}

to code the UI, and use


to start it.

Integration is very basic yet, i'll may try to make the PApplet an Akka actor later.

Now it's time to move forward the hardware to use the commands sent by the UI.