Breezy4Pi - Easy to Use Sequence Controller

Configure your Raspberry Pi to model breadboards and run programs with just mouse clicks.

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Breezy4Pi is a web based application that allows you to configure your Raspberry Pi and any attached hardware to run small programs with just clicks of your mouse.

Using Breezy4Pi, you can "attach" 3rd party boards to your Raspberry Pi and configure their inputs and outputs. You can also create small programs to manipulate these outputs and set up trigger events to execute your programs. For example, you can attach a relay board to your Pi, configure the Pi to know about your board and set up triggers, i.e button presses on an external control panel to run on/off sequences on your relays. This is all done by using Breezy's configuration editors.

Check it out at - It's all free!

All installation documentation, manuals and software are available on the website:

To see a short video about Breezy:

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Installation and Setup Rev 0.80 Jessie.pdf

Install Breezy under Jessie

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A couple of Breezy examples.

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Installation and Setup Rev 0.80 Wheezy.pdf

Install Breezy under Wheezy

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  • PCA 9685 PWM Extender is now supported. Bugs fix release

    tomtibbetts04/06/2017 at 00:43 0 comments

    I have done a lot of work since the last log entry. The 16 channel PCA 9685 PWM chip is now supported. New functionality includes servo motor minimum, neutral, and maximum. Also added are LED blink, pulse, pulsate, on and off. The pulsate function allows you to edit attack, sustain, release and interval times, much like creating a sound envelope.

    Finally, fixed some annoying bugs, most notably that when a board becomes unmounted the name of the board blanks out in the macro and event trigger editors. You can now edit macros and event triggers even with unmounted boards. The names of unmounted boards will show up red in these editors.

  • Breezy4Pi will soon support the PCA9685

    tomtibbetts12/09/2016 at 14:35 0 comments

    I'm almost done adding support for the PCA9685 PWM Output Extender to Breezy4Pi. I've added components for servo motors and the PWM Led. The cool thing about the PWM Led is that it has some of the same functions as the regular Leds such as Blink and Pulse. Additionally, the PWM Led has Pulsate which can give your Leds a neat incandescent light bulb look with a ramp up to full brightness over time.

    The first photo above shows how the PWM Led is used in a macro. The Attack parameter states how much time to take to ramp the Led up to full brighteness. The Sustain parameter is how long to maintain full brightness. Release is how long to return to ramp down to an off state. Interval is the time between pulsations and Max Brightness is how bright you want your Led.

    Uses for pulsation can include fun things like adding pulsating beacons on a model radio tower for instance.

  • Latest Updates as of 09/04/2016

    tomtibbetts09/04/2016 at 16:06 0 comments

    Many changes have been made to Breezy4Pi. It now supports LED semaphores. Installation instructions have been updated and are now posted on GitHub.

    Breezy4Pi on Github

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    All installation documentation, manuals and software are available on the website:

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