If you have ever stepped into a maker space you’ve probably felt a type of energy distinctly different than anywhere else. As makers, we know the excitement that comes from building something new, and we want to share this with others. The Maker Auto team believes that anyone can be a maker and that making things can be a empowering. India has countless people who make their living building things, but physical building activities are not often viewed as a respectable career path. Handwork is often associated with low wages and is not respected by many of India’s educated elite. One of the goals of the Maker Auto team is to begin to bridge that gap by facilitating interdisciplinary making workshops that are free and open to the public.

If you would like to be part of the team developing classes and workshops for the Auto, please see this job description: Community Champion

If you feel inspired to donate to our crowd funding campaign, please click here:https://igg.me/at/makerauto/x/9514728