Arduino required....

A project log for Automated Living Car Integration

This is the aspect of the automated living project for car use

James WynhoffJames Wynhoff 04/04/2018 at 21:230 Comments

for any cool project right??

Well, in this case I really think it will be needed, and here is why:

The data we want to get into the SBC will be coming from GPS, 9DOF sensor, OBDII, and will be in a battery operated environment.

For this I have chosen to use the Bluepill STM32 (STM32F103C8) it has 3 hardware uarts, one of the OBDII, one for the GPS, and one to connect to the SBC!

The arduino will get its power from the OBDII port which will always be on, and it will control the power to the main SBC, and up to 4 more SBCs (headrest monitors)

It will also be connected the the cc1101 module to copy and transmit 433mhz gate codes and garage codes. (gps based)

So, arduino points achieved?