Project Background

A project log for Flask Jukebox

A versatile music player, perfect for public areas. Combines the flexibilty of VLC w/ a web based interface for clients to choose music!

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 03/26/2018 at 16:360 Comments

Recently i was tasked with coming up with a something to handle playing music across the public spaces at work.
Rather than just playing music on a random playlist i wanted to give our students some valuable input and let them choose the music they wanted to listen to.
I came up with a simple music playing script, written in Python. The script took a folder location, compiled a list of all compatible music formats, shuffled the list and started playing.
I also wrote a simple web interface using the Tornado Library. The interface listed all the music in the playlist and allowed users to select a track of their choice. Between playing random tracks the music playing script would check for requests and play them, before returning to the random playing.
Having been in operation for a number of months now I would like to rewrite the scripts into a proper application. Instead of using the Tornado library I am going to rewrite it using Flask, a more popular and more regularly used framework.

The software runs perfectly on most platforms, so i will aim to demo it on a raspberry Pi with touchscreen, plus also a windows based machine (like what it has been running on in it's current form).

I also aim to package the software into an application on completion.