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A project log for Flask Jukebox

A versatile music player, perfect for public areas. Combines the flexibilty of VLC w/ a web based interface for clients to choose music!

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 04/11/2018 at 00:060 Comments

Tonight I have started working my old, Tornado scripts into my new Flask template that I've been working on following tutorials and suchlike.

I've added the VLC class I wrote based round the python-vlc bindings, added the jukebox web template and added the new jukebox route to the Flask app.

Next phase will be to add the SQL database behind the app and extend the player class to add found tracks to the database and not compile into a list on the fly.

I also need to add the js functions back to the page and also work in the post handling.

It's taking shape!