Power pack placement

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RAD v1.0 robot + Raspberry Pi + gadgets = ???

caramellcubecaramellcube 04/20/2016 at 19:540 Comments

The photo shows my original plan for placement of the lipo battery, but now I'm wondering if it might need to be backpack mounted instead to reach the balance plug and swap out for a mains adapter when used indoors. I'm hoping the MoPi board software can be set to ignore power outages of less than a preset duration. If so I can swap out the power supply without the RasPi going into shutdown, but it would be good to get the whole setup working more like a laptop as far as power management goes.

In any case, it should be good enough to start testing with once I can get the printer to run long enough to make the head panels, but if anyone has any advice on power management it would be appreciated. I'm basically learning most of this as I go.