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RAD v1.0 robot + Raspberry Pi + gadgets = ???

caramellcubecaramellcube 10/15/2016 at 19:090 Comments

Since the last update Patrick has gone through 2 new noses to get to the current design. Most of the head is planned out now so I should be able to get more of it printed soon. The Raspberry Pi is booting up ok with the screen running off a seperate 5v BEC. I've done some quick testing on the MiCS5524 gas sensor, looking forward to testing it in parallel with the TGS2600. The power supply is still an issue, I'm trying to make it so the Pi can turn the other systems on or off to save power, but if I put in any transistors they'll drop the voltage from the BEC. I might just set the BEC to output 6v and put a transistor on every 5v line. For now though I'm mostly concentrating on getting the head finished.