FED3 wall mounting system (take 2!)

A project log for Feeding Experimentation Device 3 (FED3)

Version 3 of our home-cage feeding device, FED. FED3 includes nosepokes and stimuli for behavioral training.

Lex KravitzLex Kravitz 03/02/2019 at 20:310 Comments

We've recently been re-evaluating the utility of mounting FED externally to a cage or behavioral chamber, rather than placing FED3 in the cage itself.  To faciliate this, we modified the front plate to include 4 magnet holes/mounts, and created a drill guide pattern for modifying the wall of a chamber to mount FED3 to it.  We also used the "mini-hopper", which is available in the files area.  

For mounting on a chamber or cage, it only requires drilling four 5/16" holes (for magnets) and two 2" holes (with a hole-saw) for the pokes and feeder.  I was able to drill these and insert magnets in about 10 minutes.  Video below, please contact me for modified FED3 front plate design and drill guide.