Slowly developing code and hardware interfaces. My sensor cables are all ran in CAT6 since I bought a 1000' roll and it provides 8 conductors. RJ45 breakout boards from Sparkfun will allow me to use these for multiple sensors each. Modem has yet to arrive so I can't work on that part of the code yet, but I'm planning on using T-Mobile prepaid @ $3/month for 30 texts. With a daily status "all green" text to notify me that the system is working as intended at most I'll have 31 texts a month. (As long as it doesn't get loud ;) )

I'll be building a converter box that connects to the Pi via ribbon cable and contains a logic level shifter to get the sensor network up to 5vdc for reed switches. 12VDC will be routed in for glass break and motion sensors. Will also step down 9VDC output from smoke alarm to monitor this as well. RJ45 cables will plug into this box, more can be added as house additions are made to cover new zones.