Blackintosh is a computer in a 1987 Mac SE case powered by an Odroid C1+ ready for 2016' tasks.

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1987 Mac SE with a new screen lcd, a new system and a new look, ready for 2016' tasks , computer, mediacenter (Kodi) & gamecenter.

I had an old broken Mac SE in my cellar, I kept it because I love computers and It's nice, I'm owner of single boards (raspberry, odroid), so I had the idea to make it working.I used the Odroid C1+ cause it had gigabit ethernet and It's a very good board for the price and the use I wanted.

I didn't have the famous "Tox" screwdriver so I had to destroy the top with tools and remade it later with plastic paste.

WARNING : the C.R.T of the Mac is very dangerous as I read, so be careful for the discharge.

I trashed all components..

I installed a fast and fully functional O.S (Gamestation turbo from Meveric) for common tasks (web, music, photos), Kodi media center and retrogaming and now it works and I use it.

It emulate old computers (Amiga & Atari ST), video game consoles and arcade games.

I finished it few days ago and it was pure coincidence the 40th birthday of Apple computers, so...

You could watch a demo here :

  • 1 × Hardkernel Odroid C1+ single board ARM
  • 1 × LCD 800*600 hdmi hdmi screen
  • 1 × HDMI to HDMI+Audio extractor the board doesn't have audio exit and the screen no audio exit either, so I used it to plug the speakers.
  • 1 × USB speakers
  • 1 × Sandisk micro SD 16 giga

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  • 1
    Step 1

    I clean up all the old hardware (not working)

    WARNING : Be extremly careful for the disasembling as the CRT is very dangerous (high voltage), I searched and find instructions on the web to do that.

    so I had an empty case, I found place to integrate all my new components, plug screen, wires, etc.

  • 2
    Step 2

    I destroy the old mouse but I keep the case and I put a new cheap laser mouse in it.

    I made a little modification on the top of the old case to have two buttons for right click.

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    Step 3

    I made the same thing for the keyboard and I put the MK220 wireless keyboard in the case which almost fit in (little sand the plastic.)

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