Looking for contributors

A project log for Lasercut Optics Bench

Use your lasercutter to make an optics bench.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 10/14/2016 at 18:150 Comments

Looking for contributors

The project is in a good state right now.

There's some things that probably *should* go up on the wiki, but I'm really champing at the bit to continue my other project, I think the best course right now is ask for more contributors.

If you'd like to contribute to the project, either here or on GitHub, let me know.

The Optics Kit Christmas Present

Christmas is coming up, and one of these would make a nice present!

Packing optics

In anticipation of other projects, I've been going through all my optics and packing things up for storage.
I decided that I would tolerate 1 tote of optics plus 1 kit (case packed project kit), and it looks like I will be able to achieve that goal.

I cut out two more storage shelves, one specifically made to store my mirrors (blue-ish sheet, center right) and another one to store oddly shaped pieces such as square lenses (orange, center left).
These sheets really do store a lot of optics!

Projectors have awesome components

I scavenged a video projector as part of the project and found a wealth of interesting optics there. Several color filters, a couple of polarized filters, and several nice front-surface mirrors.

If you have access to a broken video projector, consider scavenging it for optics. Lots of good stuff there!

Included in the haul was a very nice beam-splitter prism. If I can find a 2nd one of those, there's a kick-ass Quantum Mechanics demonstration experiment I want to try. I suspect it's easy to set up and show on a tabletop using the optics holders.

Might make for an interesting video.