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A project log for ViaConnect Circuit Board Test Tool

Have a via on a circuit board that needs to be tested, but can’t or don’t have a connector? just use the ViaConnect.

David SpindenDavid Spinden 05/30/2016 at 03:131 Comment

I am happy to say, that I met all my goals for this project. Not only that, but I finished the project before the deadline. What a rewarding experience for me. This is the first project that I set out to do with the mindset of making it open and documenting it. It was no surprise to me that the video and pictures took the largest part of the project's time. I hope that they are of benefit to many others. For me, it has been a great education.

It was aslo rewarding to carry an idea from concept to prototype. I get to see my products as work go through the steps, but I am often out of the loop of many of the steps. This project was defined and small enough that I was able to see each step through and learn along the way.

This project is complete. That said, I am still looking for someone to manufacture it. I would love to have this taken to the next level where the contact is even stronger and maybe sized for other vias (such as the some of missing connections on a Raspberry Pi Zero). Know any leads?

I look forward to the next project that I can share and learn. Until then, happy hacking!


esot.eric wrote 05/30/2016 at 20:38 point

Cool, yo! 

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