Q.C. failed and failed and failed and failed and... passed!

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Physical computing for toddlers

RodolfoRodolfo 03/31/2018 at 06:290 Comments

It has been a frustrating experience for the last 6 months or so to go to the assembly line. So many things went wrong that every time I talk with the people in the factory I am already in a defensive position, expecting them to bring more bad news. 

You will notice that sometimes now I will start using singular instead of plural. I virtually received no help from anyone that expressed interest in finishing the production and delivering the rewards. I had to pay to reprocess all PCBs and the endless list of problems that appeared during assembly. Design problems don't appear till you start production. It looks good, you hacked one or two or ten units. But then the mold doesn't fit the parts you specified, the electronics don't work as expected and the robots don't move as you programmed.

One of the saddest decisions was to glue the arms of the Plobots. Another critical moment I thought I was going to faint was when I realized that the construction bricks wouldn't fit on the back of the Plobots. I think that the rest of my remaining hair felt when I noticed that one in ten Plobots was able to scan the RFID cards.

But now I also have good news, I tested last week about 200pcs with an acceptance ratio of 0.8. This is the first time I see that finally we will be able to have the Plobots being shipped. That is super low but I will use the rest of the 0.2 I will use them for demos locally.