Waiting for the new CCD-PCB

A project log for OtterVIS LGL spectrophotometer

A super cheap decently resolving open source VIS-spectrophotometer. The cheapest in the OtterVIS line.

esben rosselesben rossel 04/05/2016 at 17:240 Comments

This is the first log, so here's an update on everything done:

The design of the spectrograph is done.

And everything missing:

The old PCB's I have for the linear CCD module don't fit inside the OtterVIS LGL, so I'm waiting for the newer smaller version.

The cuvette-and-light-source assembly is still in development - or rather it needs to be developed.

The same goes for the slit. It's going to be comprised of two razor blade edges held together with magnets, but I need to figure out exactly how to couple it to the spectrograph.