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A super cheap decently resolving open source VIS-spectrophotometer. The cheapest in the OtterVIS line.

esben rosselesben rossel 06/15/2016 at 07:250 Comments

While 99% of the measurements I do with spectrometers involve spectroscopic cells it'd be nice to have the possibility to connect other sample-accessories to the spectrograph.

Enter the magnetic click-on sample-holder:

Sorry for the product placement, I just love these little labsnacks boxes I receive everytime I tear a hole in my wallet.

As you see this is for a standard 10x10mm spectroscopic cell. I will eventually make a click-on accessory for reflective measurements. I still haven't figured out exactly how to attack this problem, but It won't be the usual integrating sphere..

The magnets are neodymium magnets I have in excess from everytime one of my bike lights break:

Magnets mounted on the spectrograph:

Everything I have so far assembled with the spectroscopic cell holder clicked on.

The magnets have a quite tight grip on the cell holder even if they only catch onto the two screws in the second picture. I also tried with two sets of magnets, but the force required to separate them seemed excessive. I may change my mind about this once I get around to constructing the light source (which will be just a Maglite 2AA xenon replacement bulb and a collimating lens from an old dvd-burner).

In case you haven't noticed I'm slightly proud of this magnetic solution, even if I stole it from Thorlabs or Edmund optics or whoever.

SCAD files can be found in the files section asap..