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A project log for ledkt_v1

A custom and expandable computer interior lighting system.

hybridairHybridAir 04/06/2016 at 19:540 Comments

I have finally gotten the time to create a page for this project! The project's core hardware phase development is essentially complete at the time of writing this. I am waiting for a few more parts to arrive before I can continue with assembling the PCB. After that, I will continue with adapting it for the Corsair 760T and develop the host program.

As for software, I have only completed the most basic things to ensure that everything works. I am planning on doing most of the programming starting late next month, and to use the time now for hardware stuff. I will be away in Canada for 4 months after, so I will not have any of my tools besides the basics.

So far, I have implemented the built-in color and light animation presets, and basic IR and serial control. Some animation presets have a simple "selection menu", where the user can select three colors that they want to be shown in the animation. See the video links below for some examples of the completed presets!