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hornighornig 04/04/2019 at 17:521 Comment

Dear Hackaday Friend,

Do you want to code open-source space with us during Google Summer of Code 2019?
Be our Summer Student and code your open-source space projects. You get stipends of up to $6600. The Call for GSOC 2019 is now open!

Together, we as, Ksat-Stuttgart (University of Stuttgart) and EP2Lab (Carlos III University of Madrid) are proud to be selected as official mentoring organizations for the Summer of Code 2019 (GSOC) program run by Google.
And we are now looking for students to spend their summers coding on great open-source space software, getting paid by Google, releasing scientific papers about their projects and supporting the open-source space community by useful programmes.
Are you a student? You have time until April 9, 2019, to apply for various coding ideas to work on, or you can bring your own!

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that matches students up with open source, free software and technology-related organizations to write code and get paid to do it! The organizations provide mentors who act as guides through the entire process, from learning about the community to contributing code. The idea is to get students involved in and familiar with the open source community and help them to put their summer break to good use.
Accepted students gain exposure to real-world open-source software development and employment opportunities in areas related to their academic pursuits. This program has brought together thousands of students and mentors from over 118 countries worldwide. As of December 2018, 651 open source projects, from areas as diverse as operating systems and community services, have participated as mentoring organizations for the program. Successful students have widely reported that their participation in GSoC made them more attractive to potential employers and that the program has helped greatly when embarking on their technical careers.

More information and registration here:

Contact and chat with us:


decas44296 wrote 01/29/2020 at 16:37 point

Thank you for letting us know about this google summer of code. This one is totally interesting and strange to know about this information and this help me to manage the task. Keep sharing such kind of information with us to let us updated with this content.

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