Weltenraum is go! Shackspace plenum approves new radio/medialab room

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hornighornig 10/20/2016 at 23:140 Comments

Finally, Stuttgart hackerspace shackspace will get a new room, den Weltenraum. It is a German play on words for "Worlds and Room" and also an old fashioned word for "Space". It fits perfectly because it is a room shared by different interest groups in shack that are interested in media (editing, videos, podcasting, music) as well as the ham radio operators and sdr fans. And the latter means us, the satellite space guys. Today was our weekly plenum and we finally have the go-ahead to put our ground station radio equipment there and connect the AntennaForest to the Weltenraum.

The slides you can hardly see on the above photo are on GitHub.

So we have a base of operations for all things radio now. The net weeks we will realize all the moebles you see on the image below and the network infrastructure to the AntennenWald. With this, we can connect our DGSN ground station antennas and also the FreiFunk-Stuttgart hardware. It will take some hard work setting everything up, but we put our crowdfunded money (and also a big chunk of our hackaday prize 2016 money) to very good use.

Our plan is to have a comfortable "hacking" environment until december and then we don't need to sit on the rooftop net to the antennas, we will do that from Weltenraum and with company of other creative people around us. This fruitful cohacking will be of benefit for everybody. And this project will attract more people and grow. If you are around, we will give you a tour!