Hydroponic Garden Monitoring System

Raspberry Pi project to track temperature, humidity, CO2, water pH and light intensity

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A prototype for a much larger scale project. A set of sensors will be used to monitor air temperature, humidity, CO2, water pH and light intensity that a tray of basil is exposed to growing in a hydroponic system. A Raspberry Pi will read and send the sensor data to a web server so it can be viewed remotely.

Eventually the readings will help automate operations like adjusting pH and CO2

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi To read and send sensor data to server
  • 1 × DHT11 To measure temperature and humidity
  • 1 × Carbon Monoxide Sensor - MQ-7 To measure CO2 in the air
  • 1 × pH Sensor Kit Atlas Scientific pH kit to measure pH in water
  • 1 × SparkFun RGB Light Sensor - ISL29125 To measure light intensity of the general red, green, and blue spectrums of visible light

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