In the eye of the Bottleholder.

A project log for Semiconductors @ Home

Building all the tools neccesary to make chips at home.

NixieNixie 08/06/2018 at 09:450 Comments

With mostly everything ready to begin tests, bits of safety remained to be solved.

Since I will be working with dangerous chemicals, I didn't want to have the small bottles of them hanging around all over the place.

Thus, I came up with this:

This holds onto the bottle neck in the front and has a suction cup in the back, so it can be attached to the wall of the fume hood. It is also interconnectable with other pieces, so it can form a neatly arranged array:

They are easily and fast 3D printed with a 0,6mm nozzle:

They should be improved by changing the 2D side connector (isc clamp) to a 3D version (ball clamp) so they can't slide out, altough that would be difficult with bottles in each holder.

Huge array, in preparation of semiconductor tests:

And a small video of it's use:

See ya!