A project log for Semiconductors @ Home

Building all the tools neccesary to make chips at home.

NixieNixie 11/20/2019 at 08:360 Comments

So, a friend of mine held me at a figuratively gunpoint and made me put up a patreon to help quicken, to some extent, the project.

I myself got quite deep in my last job, so everything got put up aside-ish, but no more, as they had to fire me due to external factors to the company.

So, meanwhile I get a new job, I will be able to put all the files in a more comprehensible format/shape, and look for better ways to make all the info avaliable.

Also, i will post again about news and such, as I think I found a cheap-ish way to do a wirebonder, and sources for hotplates that make it not worth to build one yourself.

More info soon!

Btw, if you happen to share the patreon link on twitter or something, thanks in advance and let me know!