Slightly tidier biot node

A project log for Human Limb Tracking

A system that tracks limb movement of people who have movement disorders to assist in diagnosis and therapy

Jonathan KellyJonathan Kelly 09/02/2016 at 04:480 Comments

I have tidied up the board for my second biot node, mounting the battery and up-convertor onto the PCB.

Annoyingly I have run out of ATSAMR21B18-MZ210PA modules so can't build any more at the moment :(. They have been on back-order from my supplier for a few weeks. Not sure how long I will need to wait.

I could start looking at rolling my own board using a standalone SAMR21 chip rather than the prebuilt module but that involves a jump up in my fabrication and design skills and also means the issue of radio compliance/certification might need to be considered.