System Specifications

A project log for Human Limb Tracking

A system that tracks limb movement of people who have movement disorders to assist in diagnosis and therapy

Jonathan KellyJonathan Kelly 09/23/2016 at 05:200 Comments

I have finished writing the specifications for a newer and cleaner set of system APIs and messaging protocols.

The current system interactions were tacked together on the fly as I was trying to work out how to make the system work and as a result are clumsy, difficult to develop further, hard to debug and generally inefficient.

The new protocols have taken into account some of the things I learnt from getting the current system working and are better organised and thought through.

I will need to refactor the system software to use the new protocols. This should clean up a lot of clutter and duplication though and generally make the system easier to develop.

The specification document is at

The document describes the model drawn below and specifies in detail the message protocol and REST API.

Next steps:

1. refactor the software to use the new protocols and API

2. make the Biot nodes smaller and change them to use LiPo batteries

3. work out a good way to mount the Biot nodes on the body

4. refine the user interface (to at least have equivalent functionality to the early version of the system)

5. start using and testing on live subjects