Refactor of messaging protocols done - next steps

A project log for Human Limb Tracking

A system that tracks limb movement of people who have movement disorders to assist in diagnosis and therapy

Jonathan KellyJonathan Kelly 10/10/2016 at 06:440 Comments

1. I have rewritten the software to use the new communication protocols as per the specification document.

The process threw up a few shortcomings with the spec but nothing major - mostly found I needed to add a few extra calls. I need to properly update the spec document to reflect the changes.

The process of changing the protocols also picked up some problems with the system that was slowing down the communication speed and potentially dropping data. Coupled with the pruned back messaging size, the data flow between the various components should now be a lot more efficient. This seems reflected by what seems to be a smoother screen display (this a bit subjective though).

The code still needs a big refactor as mostly I just replaced the communication interfaces and left the rest of the code untouched. It is still pretty hairy code.

2. I have made a new node design, using a LiPo battery. My target is ultimately to make the node about the size of an Australian 50c piece. It is getting there. My fabrication skills are slowly getting better.

The new node uses a 350mAh LiPo and a Sparkfun Boost converter (both sourced in Oz from LittleBird Electronics - - happy to give them a plug - good to have a local company that stocks Sparkfun bits:)).

3. I am looking at ways of mounting the nodes (+battery etc). I have bought some wetsuit neoprene material and am going to experiment with this to see what I can make up.

Once I can get a workable attachment method I can start trying it out in situations closer to its end use environment.