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I think I got this, guys

jarrettJarrett 05/27/2016 at 20:181 Comment

I've been way more busy than I've expected lately, after unexpectedly having to move, work stuff, and school stuff. Also it's been gorgeous outside and my friends make fun of me if I don't go out and enjoy it.

So this has been taking a long time, but as soon as I get keys for the new place in hand next week, I'll be pulling the trigger on all of the materials I need from China. Should be a month or so after that when they start trickling in.

Fortunately, time is not being wasted! I've been plugging away a few minutes here and there on the mechanical design, and I've got a computer chugging away in the cloud on some calculations that should break this wide open.

Feeling a little guilty about the limited time I've had to spend on this, because people are relying on this! It's pretty important.


tyspa wrote 05/28/2016 at 16:31 point

pretty important!?!?!? The energy crisis is on your shoulders

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