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A Mobile 3D printer to build Megastructures

Ranarchy 10/13/2014 at 15:580 Comments

Well, since I screwed-up posting my "completed" systems design document on Sept. 28, I've decided to run amok, and present a visceral, kick'em-in-the ... uh ... teeth! ... yea, teeth! ... video as a response to the "promotional" video requirement for Oct. 27. It is unclear to me if considered contestants will we "invited" to submit such a video, or if it is a requirement for continued consideration. It should all be over by then, I think.

Regardless, I'll post it way before then ... maybe this coming weekend. My video editing is limited to Kdenlive and openshot and downloaded pics and vids. "Damnit Jim, I'm an engineer, not a videographer!"

... is it just me, or did some of the videos submitted so far look like they spent all their time on the videos rather than their design?