Choosing a microcontroller for the project

A project log for Guri: Ignition Controller for Air Cooled Engines

Ignition controller for VW air cooled engines.

danjovicdanjovic 04/12/2016 at 01:370 Comments

Choosing a microcontroller for a project is a very tough decision. If you look for discussions about this matter you will find hundredths of pages with discussions, debates, argues, all of them with valid arguments claiming microprocessor x is better and yet none of them give enough substance to decide what's better.

I'll be more pragmatic and will start with the parts I have more quantities in my bins:

Then I'll check if they meet the requirements for this project:

  1. One external IRQ for the signal from distributor (points, hall sensor, etc)
  2. One I/O for driving the power transistor
  3. Two ADCs, one for the battery voltage and another for the Vaccum signal


Both will do!!

I'll need to get deeper into the project details before I decide.