A project log for Open Source Multimeter

A relatively low-cost but full-featured and safe multimeter.

karl-sKarl S 06/07/2017 at 05:540 Comments

Sorry about no updates for ages... But that's because nothing much has happened.

First off, I had difficulties soldering the micro onto the breakout board I'd made, eventually trashing the board (I've no idea about the chip), and I haven't made another board.

Then I had another project that I wanted a good (and true RMS) multimeter for, so I ended out buying one. That kind of removed much incentive for this project.

So I haven't got anything done, and probably won't either... I'll gladly help anyone who wants to take it from where I've left off, and I might have another go at doing the micro and proceed with the experiments on that end. We'll see...