Build a smart Advertisement Board with AWESOME IoTrix(Intelligent Matrix )App!!!

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I Build a Double sided Pharmacy shape smart advertisement board for retail shops.The App makes no Coding , once deployed anywhere .

The major objective of this project was to make a smart advertisement board that is power efficient and user friendly .You cant expect a 40 year old guy to program the words that he want's to display on the Advertisement board every now and then.

The Iotrix app makes super easy for anyone to add multiple messages with just an APP.Not only you can control the messages but also add animations for the led strip's in the corner of the board.

IoTrix is an App that a individual can use to make a smart Advertisement board . The major objective of this project was to make a smart advertisement board that is power efficient and user friendly to control . Nowadays this outdoor led board's are very common . The Software is predefined and a person can't control it afterwards . I wanted to make an easy to program led board with the help of smart Phone . With Iotrix app we can not only send message but we could send multiple different combinations of message . For example: we can have a counter + Date +Scrolling Message + some double row message .

This was my first prototype PCB with arduino nano ,esp8266-01 ,RTC ,2 Power Mosfet and some connectors .

Due to Code complexity ,lack of ram and flash memory i later switch to arduino mega ,With arduino mega now i can have a custom animation of 8 widgets  from the app. From temperature to Time ,date,day and custom message .it offers a lot now. 

In this , i have to de-solder the arduino nano and add jumpers to arduino mega .This was the only change i have to make it .

The Flow chart  below shows the detail  on how the electronics are assembled in this box .

NOTE: The SMPS is a dual voltage smps 12v for led strips and  fan and 5v for arduino mega ,esp8266 , P10 LED Matrix ,and sensors . 

The P10 Led Matrix are amazing .Great for outdoor application and are cheaper in cost too .

Smart Ad features 

LED Matrix Features:

  •   1. Single screen Blink mode
  •   2. Double screen Blink mode
  •   3. Simple Message mode
  •   4. Scrolling Message mode
  •   5. Split Display mode
  •   6. Temperature mode
  •   7. Counter mode
  •   8. Easy Brightness control
  •   9. Three Mode Display control
  •   10. Switch on/off display
  • 11. Control the Display size from 32*16 to 64*64.

The sending of dynamic messages on the LED matrix with an app has never been done. This make IoTrix stand out in the crowd. The only thing I could not achieve was sending GIF images on the LED matrix.

Not only can you control the LED matrix but you can also control the LED strips.

LED Strip Features:


1. Two Led strip's  Control.

2. Blink Mode

3. Fade Mode

4. Alternate Light Mode

5. Brightness Mode

6. Speed Control 


I have make sure the IoTrix connect to the smart advertisement board seamlessly.The Led board can be connected in two modes either in Local mode or it can connect to router .

Note:This App has a filter in it .So it will work only with ESP8266 only. If you'd like to support the app with RPi or any other device, let me know. I will make sure the app works on other devices too.

This is also my First android app on the playstore :)

Playstore Link: id=com.smartadvertisement.meohm.iotrix

 Build,Testing and DemoSite Video:

With the help of Metal sheet worker i made a plus of...

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  • 1 × Arduino Mega
  • 1 × Esp8266 -01
  • 1 × SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional
  • 30 × Jumper wires (generic)
  • 1 × Dual Voltage 12v/5V 12A Power Supply

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