There are numerous tutorials online for numerous models of servos and now there
is one for the Airtronics 94322 which did not previously exist.

Remove the 4 case screws from the under side of the servo

Remove the top of the servo case, carefully separating the gearing

Remove the largest gear (bottom center) which sits atop the potentiometer (gold left)

Note the small raised bumper on the large gear. Dremel that piece off and remove enough material to leave the gear flush.

Dremel the extended potentiometer (golf bit) post.

Dremel a slot in to the top of the potentiometer to allow for a small screw driver to adjust while testing next...

Using the Arduino SWEEP example sketch, set the servo sketch position to 90

Adjust the potentiometer until the servo stops

Super glue (bond) the exposed pot in this position

90 now equals stop

0 is now continuous left and 180 is continuous right

Reassemble your newly permanently destroyed but oddly useful Airtronics 94322