Never ordering parts from China Again!

A project log for Church bells

To rebuild a old church bell system that I have already built once. This time I hope to clean it up and document it.

Bobby FeatherBobby Feather 05/27/2016 at 16:150 Comments

Well remind me never order anything from China again !!! It has taken forever to get them in. On a good note I have more parts coming in and I hope I can get started building/testing the new system next week or even start on it this weekend.

I will start off by using the old code that has been working for the past years on the older system and then make changes and test them as I go along. I would like to add new options like : DST switch, On-board computer to make changes to the code only needing a keyboard and monitor( raspberry pi one), on special days play a song representing that day at Noon, and heck I might even have it play Happy Birthday at noon on my birthday. I dont know; before the only goal was to have it play the bell chimes on the hour and a few slectable bell songs to play when needed but now that Im updating it, I have seen where there is room for improvement.

Once the main parts are in I will start taking pic's and update as often as I can on my progress.