Buttons for the MP3 Trigger

A project log for Church bells

To rebuild a old church bell system that I have already built once. This time I hope to clean it up and document it.

Bobby FeatherBobby Feather 10/17/2016 at 14:190 Comments

I have been meaning to add a video of it working on here but now that I needed the space to work on another project it will have to wait till I get it ready for it to go in the box be before I get it on here.

I did get my buttons wired up this week for the MP3 Trigger selectable music. I used some small proto boards and put the buttons on it then wired the stand off above it. Using a solder short to connect the two I can use the jumper wire from amazon to connect them. I will probably use a bead of hot glue to keep them in-place so they don't move