Looking for a new case

A project log for Church bells

To rebuild a old church bell system that I have already built once. This time I hope to clean it up and document it.

Bobby FeatherBobby Feather 04/10/2017 at 14:240 Comments

Well I have not forgotten this project. It just got cold in my work shed and I had to put it aside for the time being. now its warmer and well I'm back on it. Every thing tested good the last time I checked worked like the other one. I now need a better looking project case for it to go in, or maybe I might repaint the one I have. The brown I picked looked good on the can but after painting it. It kinda looks poo brown and that not what I want in my church playing bells. I will be updating This week with a video of it working now that I'm back working on it I need to make sure that it is running like it should. I will post a pic of the case before I repaint it just to remind me never use that color again. If the paint don't fix what I don't like about it I have a new 3d scanner (kinect V2 and V1) I will scan it and use it to make a better looking box with my 3d printer.