"Available Parking Spot Indicating System" (APSIS) is easy to install and cost effective solution to guide drivers to available parking spot in the mall, theater, airport and other similar large parking areas.

The main components of the APSIS system are:

  1. Wooden or metal post
  2. Central Controller
  3. LED light (green and red color)
  4. Solar panel, Li-Ion battery and charging circuit
  5. Sensor to detect vehicle in the parking spot

APSIS Working:

The wooden or metal post (about 10 feet in height) will be installed on each side of the parking lane entrance. On top of the post, LED light will be installed with solar panel on top of the LED light. Solar panel will charge the LI-ion battery during the day time. Battery will be installed on the central controller which includes circuit to charge battery, read signals from the sensors and turn on green or red LED light.

Sensor will be installed on each parking spot of the parking lane to detect vehicle presence. Sensors will be connected in series and will pass the value to the central controller unit - value of "1" (5 volts) if the vehicle is present in all the parking spot of that lane and "0" (no voltage) if at least one parking spot is available. Alternatively, RF sensor can be used for wireless connection and thus avoids wiring from the sensors to the central controller.

Simple and Cost Effective Solution:

The solution is very simple and cost effective since all the components are very cheap and easily available in the market. Solution will help to save valuable time for the drivers who spends on an average 20 minutes looking for available parking spot and saves thousands of gallons of fuel and helps to protect environment.


System can be further enhanced by designating each parking spot and updating data on the website to access over mobile devices.

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Thank you for reading my solution.

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