*project update* 5/31/2015

I received a lot of parts in the last few weeks so I went and powered though the build of the robot. I have spent many hours at getting components tied down. As I mounted everything I thought long about later servicing, upgrading and repair.

At the moment I’m thrilled with the progress and I’m already able to control the robot over the network and see the live stream. I have added many more pictures to the base build link below. The Banebot wheels are very grippy and prefect size for this base. The overall look is good and I even spent a extra half day creating a slide out electronics drawer with a 3D printed spring loaded latch.

Things done over the last few days mostly include mounting all main components to the chassis and a lot of wire management. I have tested the robot indoors and it is able to get over all flooring transitions it has encountered with ease. The camera is a little shaky, though it is not in its final home secured in the head tube. The long pole adds a lot of bounce to the remote video feed. Also since the camera is so high and to the left it is sometimes hard to determine the robot can fit though a space when controlling it from a remote webpage. I’d also like to give a shout out to a fellow Arch Reactor Hacker space member Chris Weiss for his code for a nice telepresence bot right out of the gate. Here is a link to a project page. And the GitHub link.

*project update* 5/25/2015

I have ordered the DC to DC converter for the main computer, a 3.5inch aluminum intake tube, the dual-band wireless PCIe Half Mini Card, and also a cheap red emergency mushroom switch for the power subsystem. While I have been waiting on parts to arrive. I mounted the Jetson to the base, built a control panel, and mounted the battery. I also created a separate page with more pictures and details about the current base/progress.

Base build details

*project update* 5/12/2015

Currently this project is on hold due to my budget for my hobbies a bit cut at the moment. I do still plan on completing the robot and the next steps will be to order the 3.5″ intake tube to create the head. Also get wheels and brackets from Parallax and finish the rolling base up. Once I’m happy with the fit I will send it off to be powder coated a nice simple white color. In the background though I have made significant progress with the Nvidia Jetson TK1 which is running a updated kernel that can now better interface with accessories including a Intel wifi/bluetooth module.

*project update* 8/19/2014

Currently I’m having the base parts laser cut for two separate bases. I decided a little later on that it would help distribute the cost a little if there where two made. I also have many of the critical parts I need on the way including a battery and a DC to DC converter. Motors are currently being sourced though Parallax, and there is still about 2-4 week lead time until I get the motor/wheel/encoders. The gear ranges I have chosen for these are 90:1 and 169:1. This should be a good variety between the two bases. These two gear ratios will allow for a high speed and a low speed version.

During the design phase, I was not happy with the field of view of the camera on the robot. This has lead me to the design of a head system that can tilt down. More details and drawings of this are to come. This head piece will be a very nice integration of the robot and will be the most complex mechanical system I have devised.

Power system design

Things to do next:

Updated Features of the robot: *last updated on 6/25/2015*